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Do you use extension boards like this too? Know that it will not be time for a fire to occur if you are careful

Keep the extension board in good condition. Do not use if the cord is broken or damaged. Also, if unsure about extension boards, consult an electrician. Do not plug more than one device into an extension board.
3 Month ago

Extension boards are used in all homes. It is generally used in places where there is no switch-board. In these places, extension boards are used to run electric gadgets like fans, coolers and TVs. There are many extension board options available in the market in all price ranges and quality.

The extension board is also provided with a 15 meter or 10 meter wire, one end of which is connected to the extension board and the other end is a plug, through which you get the power supply from the existing board in the house, but among all this, people often make some mistakes. , which causes the extension board to catch fire and you are momentarily engulfed in flames.

The biggest mistake in using an extension board

One of the biggest mistakes that users make while using extension boards is that they pull out wires from the extension board as needed. If you are using an extension board in the same way, then you are making a mistake. If the wire is cut inside, there is a risk of short circuit. Also, due to the increased load in summer, the wires can heat up and stick together and break.

Keep this in mind when purchasing an extension board

There are a few things that are very important to keep in mind while buying an extension board. The most important thing is that whenever you buy an extension board, buy it from a branded and reliable company. Also, considering the load of gadgets it uses, an extension board with equal power should be purchased.

Extension boards can cause house fires

If you use a poor quality extension board and are careless in using it, a short circuit can cause the whole house to catch fire. You may also get electrocuted. So, whenever an extension board is used, great care should be taken.

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