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Do you also have the habit of breaking your finger tips? This relaxing habit can cause serious damage to health

Do you also have a habit of snapping fingers at everything? So you are inviting many serious diseases. Let us tell you how the habit of cracking your fingers can be harmful for you. At first they do it just for fun, but they don't even realize when it turns into a habit.
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Some people develop a habit of constantly cracking their fingers. There are some people who have blisters on their fingertips every second while talking or doing any work. That is, some people have a very bad habit of cracking their fingertips.

At first they do it just for fun, but they don't even realize when it turns into a habit. Have you ever thought that your habit of blurting out front lines in conversation might be harmful to you? This habit can make a person a victim of serious illness. Let us tell you what harm your health will be caused by popping your tachaka.

Why do fingers make noise?

Between the joints of the body there is a fluid called synovial for lubrication. When we crack our knuckles, gas is released from the fluid between the joints, causing the blisters inside to burst. For this reason, there is a loud sound when the fingers are stuck.

Let us tell you that fluids work to lubricate the bones, but when we crack our knuckles repeatedly, it weakens the joint. This causes the bones to rub against each other which causes carbon dioxide to build up in the bones and gradually lead to joint pain, so finger tips should not be cracked frequently. It has a bad effect on the joints.

Cracking finger tips can cause these problems

Arthritis can be a problem: If you blister the tips of your fingers a lot, there is a risk of arthritis. Cracking the fingers repeatedly causes the fluid between them to decrease, if it is completely depleted, the joint gradually becomes painful and this causes arthritis.

Swelling problem: Sprained toe joints can cause swelling and pain. Just touching the fingers causes pain there.

Swelling of the bones: Fractures of the fingers can cause swelling of the soft tissues of the hand. People who have a habit of cracking their fingertips have prematurely weakened bones.

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