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Dance Deewane 4: Rejected three times, even if you don't give up, Madhuri Dixit gets emotional after seeing Chainveer's struggle.

So far no choreographer judges have participated in Season 4 of Colors' reality show 'Dance Deewane'. Two famous Bollywood actors Madhuri Dixit and Sunil Shetty are judging the show together. This is the first dance reality show of Sunil Shetty, who is usually interested in hosting action reality shows.
3 Month ago

15-year-old Chainveer Singh has tried his luck three times in Dance Deewane. Madhuri Dixit rejected him every time in the audition round itself. But still Jaipur's Chainveer Singh did not accept defeat. Chainveer's mother had a dream that her son would become a dancer and that's why despite being rejected in the 3rd season, he came to audition to join the fourth season of Dance Deewane.

Impressed with the dance performance

Chainveer impressed not only Madhuri but also Sunil Shetty with his dance performance. Praising him, 'Dhak Dhak Girl has said, this time you have arrived here not by luck but by merit and we welcome you to this family.'

Chainveer's parents also came

Chainveer's parents also came on the stage of Dance Deewane to support him in this audition. His mother said, “I am happy that my son is finally moving forward. I was disturbed by hearing everyone's right and wrong. Family members used to listen to me a lot. He was told that he would not be selected. Instead, you make him a doctor or a teacher. There was only one boy whom you spoiled.”

Madhuri Dixit gets emotional

Echoing his mother, Chainveer said, “I started preparing for season 4 after getting rejected from season 3. But in the meantime I injured my leg. The doctor said that whatever you are doing, you will not be able to do it. You don't have to do anything for a year after the operation. I was completely devastated. But we operated and my mother got me up on my feet in three months.

Chainveer said, "Today is the first time my parents have come here on a flight because of me." Both Madhuri Dixit and Sunil Shetty got emotional after hearing this struggle story of Chainveer Singh.

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