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Cyber ​​Crime : Beware…. Fraud is happening in the stock market with WhatsApp and Telegram, protect yourself

Cyber ​​Crime: Fraud is often heard in the stock market. There have been two separate incidents in the past week. This fraud has caused a loss of more than 3 crores. It is not that such incidents are being observed with any particular people or in certain cities. But such incidents are being seen as cases of fraud all over India.
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Cyber ​​Crime: Now cyber frauds have found a way to cheat the stock market as well. Scams related to cases like money doubling are on the rise. Due to which the money saved from the salary is lost in an instant.

In such a situation how can you recognize that a fraudster is trying to cheat you? Is there a way to protect yourself and your savings from these scams? If you want to protect yourself from these scams then you should understand such fraud methods in the stock market.

CA lost Rs 1.97 crore

An Ahmedabad-based chartered accountant who lives in Vasana lost Rs 1.97 crore in a share trading cyber fraud. In the FIR registered with the Ahmedabad Cyber ​​Crime Branch, Madhukant Patel said that it started in the first week of February when he received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number. The sender identified himself as Sunil Singhania.

There were many others in the WhatsApp group

He claimed that he was working with a stock market expert named Karanveer Dhillon. Singhania asked him to be part of a WhatsApp group called Stock Vanguard 150. He started explaining various investment methods in the stock market to Singhania and Dhillon in the WhatsApp group. There were many others in the WhatsApp group. After which Vasana was added to another WhatsApp group.

What was the matter?

Singhania and Dhillon were providing investment information. Sometimes they even talked through video calls on WhatsApp. Within a month, several people in the WhatsApp group started posting about the gains in the stock market based on Singhania and Dhillon's advice. Believing those claims to be true, Patel started investing his money in the stock market. Vasana was asked to login to a website. After this he lost 1.97 crore rupees.

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