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Car Tips: Do you know the meaning of the red light on the side mirror of the car? No alarm bells? know

Talking about the safety features available in the car, the car manufacturing companies are adding more and more advanced features. Do you guys know why the red light is flashing in the side mirror of the car? Is this an alarm bell or something else? Let us know.
4 Month ago

Car manufacturers are adding advanced safety features to protect customers from road accidents. Now vehicles are getting such powerful features that there is no braking. ADAS systems found in vehicles are incorporating many advanced safety features that are helping to prevent road accidents. Today we are going to talk about the blind spot monitoring feature found in vehicles.

Today we will talk about how the blind spot monitoring system works and how it helps the car driver while driving. Let us understand what is the function of blind spot alert system?

How does the blind spot monitoring feature work?

If the company has included this advanced safety feature in your car, whenever another car approaches you from behind while driving, this feature will alert you. This feature comes in handy when you are changing lanes. This feature creates a blind spot area and if a vehicle approaches the area from behind, a red light flashes inside your car or in your car's side mirrors.

By seeing this light you can also consider it as a danger bell as this feature is warning you that another vehicle is approaching from behind and you should not change lanes.

Is this feature available in all vehicles?

Not in older vehicles, but most new vehicles in the market now offer this feature. Talking about the benefits of blind spot alert system, it makes driving safer while changing lanes and turning. Apart from this, it also reduces the risk of accidents.

Caution is also required

The blind spot alert system provided in the vehicle is good but by no means is it advisable to be completely dependent on the technology. You should always be alert.

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