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Breaking News: Sensex 1100 points down, Nifty down 400 points, crores of investors washed away

Small and mid-cap stocks are witnessing a steep decline following SEBI's instructions on portfolios given to mutual funds. These shares have been falling since February 19. The effect of which was seen on the stock market and the stock market has lost 1100 points and Nifty 400 points.
2 Month ago

Small and mid-cap stocks show no sign of the sell-off stopping. Sentiment around these stocks has been weak. Due to this, most of them remain in the red mark. Sensex took a dive of 1000 points on Wednesday afternoon due to selling in mid and small cap stocks. At the same time, the Nifty has fallen by over 370 points. The BSE Small Cap Index was down 4.85 percent. Nifty Next-50 was down 3.72 percent and Nifty Midcap Select was down 2.91 percent. 

The BSE Small Cap Index has been falling steadily since February 19. More than 80 percent of the stocks in this index have given negative returns since February 19. At the same time, the Nifty gained around 1 percent during the period.

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