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Big decision of WhatsApp, 2.3 rupees will be charged on each SMS, new rule will be applicable from June 1

WhatsApp has introduced a new international OTPs category, which will make sending commercial international messages more expensive. In such a situation, the earnings of WhatsApp are expected to increase. Let's know about this in detail…
2 Month ago

Meta-owned WhatsApp has introduced a new range of International One-Time Passwords (OTP). This will increase the cost of sending business messages in India. This move by WhatsApp is expected to increase the earnings of the company. According to a report by the Economics Times, the cost of international messages has increased 20 times than before. However, normal users will continue to use WhatsApp for free as before. New decision if business will be done on SMS.

2.3 per SMS will have to be paid

Under WhatsApp's new international message category, you have to pay Rs 2.3 per message. This rule will be applicable from June 1. Its impact will be seen on the business of both India and Indonesia. WhatsApp's new decision will increase the communication budget of international companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. In fact, the verification through WhatsApp was cheaper than the usual international verification OTP.

What were the rates before?

Earlier telecom companies were charging 0.12 paise per SMS for sending local SMS, while the international price was Rs 4.13 per SMS, while WhatsApp used to charge 0.11 paise per SMS for international SMS, which has increased to Rs 2.3 per SMS.

India is a big market

Let us tell you that enterprise messaging is witnessing rapid growth in India, the market share of which has reached around Rs 7600 crore. This includes messages like SMS, push messages, OTP verification, application login, financial transactions, service delivery.

Jio and Airtel benefit

Due to low WhatsApp SMS charges, e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart used WhatsApp as a verification and messaging tool, causing losses to companies like Airtel and Jio. However, telecom companies are expected to benefit after the new decision.

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