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Badayon double murder case: There was no quarrel, Agashi was killed, the son did wrong, the mother of the accused gave many explanations

Police are busy looking for the second accused, Javed. The police have also investigated the criminal history of both the accused. The mother of the murder accused has made many revelations during the police interrogation. Accused Sajid killed 12-year-old Ayush and 8-year-old Ahan alias Honey with a sharp weapon.
2 Month ago

The atmosphere is still tense due to the double murder case that took place in Uttar Pradesh's Badayu on Tuesday night. Sajid, the main accused in this incident, has been shot dead by the police in an encounter. One of his brothers is also said to be involved in this incident. The victim's family has informed the police. Police have sealed the terrace where the accused killed the two brothers.

He went to the terrace on the pretext of drinking tea and water

Vinod, the father of the deceased children, says that he had gone out of the house for work. He received a call from his wife crying. When he rushed home, he found the bloodied bodies of his two children. Vinod said that he has no old enmity with Sajid. Sajid demanded Rs 5000 from his wife. While demanding money, he said that his wife was pregnant and about to deliver. His wife gave money to Sajid. He took the money and went to the terrace with both the children on the pretext of drinking tea and water.

Sajid's clothes were stained with blood

Hearing the children's screams from upstairs, his wife rushed to the terrace. He saw that Sajid's clothes were stained with blood and a weapon was in his hand. He killed his two sons Ayush and Ahaan, while he attacked and injured his third son Yuvraj.

He fled from there after committing the crime. Vinod said that when Sajid came, his brother Javed was also present there. At the same time, Sangeeta, the mother of both the dead children, says that Sajid and his brother Javed came home. I made tea Sajid took the children upstairs on some pretext and then killed them.

The roof where the murder took place was sealed

Here the police are investigating every aspect of the incident. Sajid, the main accused in this incident, has been killed in a police encounter. Police are busy searching for his brother Javed. The police have sealed off the roof where the murder took place.

Badaun SSP Alok Priyadarshi said that the accused Sajid entered the house at around 7.30 pm yesterday and went to the terrace where the children were playing. He attacked and killed both the children with a sharp weapon. After this he came down where the crowd tried to catch him but he ran away.

Sajid was killed in police retaliatory action

Police teams swung into action after learning that the accused had fled. The accused opened fire on the police and Sajid was killed in the retaliatory action. The weapon and revolver used in the murder have been recovered. Also, SSP Priyadarshi said that the family of the deceased children has also named the accused's brother Javed in the FIR. Teams are working to trace him and he will be arrested soon.

Sajid did wrong and was punished : Nazreen

Here accused Sajid's mother Nazreen says that Sajid and Javed were working together in the shop for many years. They went to work together on Tuesday morning like every day. He never quarreled with anyone. He does not know why Sajid has killed two children. What enmity did he have with those children? When the police reached Nazreen late at night, they got the news of the murder and Sajid's encounter. Nazreen says that Nazreen is very sad to see the way Ahaan and Ayush's mother raised two children and they were killed.

Nazreen says that Sajid has done wrong, and he has been punished for wrong. Sajid should not have done this. If he has done so then he should be punished according to what he has done. Nazreen says her daughter-in-law is not pregnant. Her daughter-in-law went to her maternal uncle's house 10-12 days ago. Sajid's first two children have died.

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