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Australia suspends cricket series with Afghanistan, decision due to Taliban

The series between Australia and Afghanistan was to be held in August this year. This was a series of 3 T20 matches, to be hosted by Afghanistan. All the matches of this series were to be played in UAE. However, not a single match of this series will be played now, because Australia has refused to play this series now.
3 Month ago

After 14 months nothing has changed. This means Australia have once again done to Afghanistan what they did 14 months ago. Cricket Australia has again postponed the cricket series with Afghanistan. There may be a difference between the two categories, but the reason for the postponement is the same – the attitude of the Taliban.

Australia-Afghanistan T20 series postponed

14 months ago i.e. in January last year, Australia postponed the ODI series against Afghanistan and this time they have refused to play the T20 series. A series of 3 T20 matches was to be played between Afghanistan and Australia in August this year. Afghanistan was the host of the series, which means that if the series had been played, all the matches would have been played on UAE pitches.

Discontent with the treatment of women in the Taliban regime

Australia decided not to play the T20 series in Afghanistan in view of the Taliban regime. Due to this rule, they postponed the series last year too and did the same this time. In fact, Cricket Australia, which has been advocating for the promotion of women in the sport, is outraged by the Taliban regime's attitude. In fact, after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, in the current situation there, women do not have enough freedom to participate in any work enthusiastically.

Refused to play against Afghanistan for the third time

This could be the first instance of suspension of a cricket series by Afghanistan in the last 14 months. But overall, this is the third time that Australia has refused to play against Afghanistan. First, Cricket Australia ruled out playing the only Test against Afghanistan in Hobart in November 2021. After this, he postponed the ODI series against Afghanistan in January 2023 and now he has done the same with the 3 T20 series scheduled to be held in August this year.

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