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Are you also consuming Vitamin 12 supplements without doctor's advice? Learn the pitfalls from the experts

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B is very essential for the smooth functioning of the body. Too much of it in the body can be dangerous. But if you eat it without doctor's advice, it can cause many health problems. Let's know about them…
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Vitamin B Complex: The body needs all the nutrients including vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. If we talk about vitamin B complex, it is a very important nutrient for our health. It not only improves the metabolism of the body, but also keeps the mind healthy. Deficiency of this vitamin is more common among vegetarians.

In such a situation, some people start taking vitamin B complex supplements without consulting a doctor. But health experts say that taking supplements without any advice can be fatal to health. Dr. Gaurav Jain, senior consultant, internal medicine, Dharamshila Narayan Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi, says that it is undoubtedly an essential vitamin but taking vitamin supplements without advice can cause harm.

Consult a doctor

Dr. Gaurav Jain says that the body needs various nutrients to function in a balanced manner, one of which is vitamin B complex. It improves the metabolism in the body, as well as provides enough energy for daily tasks. But many times people start taking vitamin B complex supplements without doctor's advice, due to which they can see many adverse results.

Dr. Jain says that this vitamin is an important source of energy in your body and when you overdose on it, it can disrupt your sleep patterns. Too much of this vitamin, which is used to improve metabolism, can affect the digestive system in your body, causing you problems like stomach pain, cramps and nervousness.

Heart problems

According to health experts – niacin is a part of vitamin B complex – which affects your heart health and too much of it can lead to fluctuating heart rate or other problems. In addition, vitamin B complex also affects your nervous system and an overdose can cause problems like muscle weakness, trouble walking and tingling.

Skin test

Before taking vitamin B complex in the form of injections, your skin is checked and if you skip it, your skin may face problems like redness, pimples, wrinkles, rashes and irritation. Therefore, you should not use vitamin B complex without consulting a doctor.

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