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After Corona, another disease raised its head, thousands of chickens died in this city

A case of bird flu has come to light in Maharashtra, where a large number of chickens have been found infected in a poultry farm, following which the administration is on alert and taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the disease to humans.
3 Month ago

The threat of bird flu is looming once again, with fresh cases emerging from Nagpur, where large numbers of chickens are dying, following which the emphasis is on precautions to prevent the disease from spreading to humans. The animal welfare department of Nagpur city has gone on alert mode and it has been announced that bird flu has spread here.

Bird flu started in Nagpur

According to information, a death has been confirmed after the infection spread to a large number of chickens in a poultry farm in Nagpur, Maharashtra. After this, under the caution of the authorities, the samples were sent to a laboratory in Pune for testing, which was then sent to a larger laboratory in Bhopal for testing, to find out what caused the death of such a large number of chickens.

Bird flu confirmed

The post-mortem report confirmed that all the dead chickens were infected with bird flu i.e. avian influenza virus. After which an area of ​​one kilometer of the entire poultry farm has been sealed with immediate effect. Also, an area of ​​up to ten kilometers is being monitored to ensure that no other cases are detected.

More than 8 thousand chickens were killed

8 thousand chickens present in the poultry farm have been killed as a precautionary measure to prevent further spread of the infection. Along with this, more than 16 thousand eggs present in the farm have also been destroyed, so that the infected eggs do not reach the market. Thus, all possible efforts have been made to prevent bird flu infection.

How bird flu is a threat to humans, expert opinion

Animal Science University of Rajasthan Dr. N.R. Rawat points out that there is a threat of bird flu in humans too, although there are very few cases of infection in humans, but if a person does contract it, their condition can worsen. is In such cases, in areas where bird flu is prevalent, humans should avoid contact with infected birds.

Currently the situation is under control

The Nagpur administration says that despite the widespread spread of bird flu, the situation has been brought under control in time and citizens need not panic. But take necessary precautions, stay away from chicken and eggs for a while.

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