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A meeting was held at the regional office under the chairmanship of Congress in-charge Mukul Wasnik, brainstorming on the results of the Lok Sabha elections - Video

A meeting has been held at the Gujarat Pradesh Congress office after the results of the Lok Sabha elections. In this meeting presided over by regional in-charge Mukul Wasnik, the results of the Lok Sabha elections will be discussed. The kind of results Congress was expecting in this time's Lok Sabha elections. That kind of assumption did not result. which will be brainstormed in the meeting.
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After the results of the Lok Sabha elections, a meeting of the Gujarat State Congress Committee was held under the chairmanship of state in-charge Mukul Wasnik. In which all the senior leaders of the Political Affairs Committee are involved. The results of the Lok Sabha elections are being reviewed with him. According to Wasnik in-charge, political responsibilities will be decided to further strengthen the organization in the coming days. National President Kharge and Rahul Gandhi will discuss with the party leaders of all the states where the results of the Lok Sabha elections have not been satisfactory.

A review of the results of the Lok Sabha in the sitting

Out of 26 Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat, Congress has managed to win only one seat. While seeing the situation this time, Congress was hoping to win 4 to 5 seats in Gujarat. But the results have been disappointing for the Congress. In today's meeting, it will be brainstormed on the seats in which the Congress was confident of victory. There will be a discussion on how to strengthen the Congress organization and connect more and more people with the Congress. Apart from this, the upcoming elections in Gujarat will be discussed, as well as a decision will be taken regarding the action against the people doing anti-party activities in the elections.

“Congress issues questions on EVMs and Election Commission”

Regarding the question raised on the reliability of EVMs, Wasnik said that the questions of the Congress on EVMs and the Election Commission will continue. The questions raised against EVMs should be clarified. In the election, the irresponsible people made any statement about the constitution. The Election Commission tried to stop such people but it did not happen. Wasnik pointed to PM Modi and said that bowing to the constitution on the head does not prove that one is devoted to the constitution. But if there is dedication to the basic principles of the Constitution, then it can be assumed that they have support for the Constitution. Vasnik further said that people who do not believe in the elements of the constitution, their politics do not have that kind of thinking, they are talking about the constitution today.


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