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A five-day Parikrama festival will be held in pilgrimage Ambaji, preparations have begun in full swing.

Preparations for the Parikrama Mohotsav at the holy pilgrimage site Shaktipeeth Ambaji are in full swing. A large crowd of devotees gather in Gabbar Parikram.
3 Month ago

Parikrama Mohotsav is held for three days every year. A five-day Parikrama Mohotsav will be held this year. Preparations for this are being done in full swing. Havan will be performed in 51 Shakti Peeth temples during the Parikrama with scriptural rituals.

The Parikrama Mohotsav will be celebrated for five days from February 12 to February 16 in Shaktipeeth Ambaji. Three days are organized every year. A five-day Parikrama festival will be celebrated this year. A five-day festival has been announced by the Ambaji Devasthan Trust.

Banaskantha Collector and Chairman of Ambaji Mandir Trust Varun Barwal told the media that various programs have been organized for these five days. In particular, Brahmins will perform homam havan in all the temples of 51 Shaktipeeths in the Gabbar mountain area.

A procession and Garba Mandal of Ananda will also participate in the Parikrama Mohotsav. A special arrangement has also been made for ST bus in the meantime. Also food prasad will be provided free of cost in the temple school.

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