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A 63-year-old priest married a 12-year-old girl, police were also present

A surprising news is coming from Ghana. Here a 63-year-old priest married a 12-year-old girl. The marriage is being opposed by many people in Ghana, on which the pastor and his supporters have given many arguments that cannot even be digested.
2 Month ago

No matter how many theories are given about religion. But what is its true definition? It must be said that there is a deep contradiction in this regard among scholars or intellectuals. Even today there are many people among us who use religion for their personal gain. How do these people pretend to cheat innocent people? This can be seen from the wedding in Ghana, which faced huge protests and even called the police.

Let us tell you that 63-year-old Pastor Gaborbu Wulomo Nuumo Bourkete Lawe XXXIIIA in Nugua, Ghana is reported to have married a 12-year-old girl named Na Okromo. A guest who was in favor of this marriage. That said, this marriage is due to a long-standing custom. In which it is said that the priest will marry a virgin girl.

He disclosed that currently there is no virgin girl above the age of nine years in Nugua. It is also being said that the priest chose the girl for marriage when she was only 6 years old. Ghana's Pulse reports that the girl will now participate in another traditional ceremony focused on purification.

The report also mentions that 'it is believed that after this ritual, the girl will properly discharge her expected responsibilities as the wife of Gborbu Wulomo. Interestingly, this also includes having children. The news of the 63-year-old priest marrying a 12-year-old girl has sparked controversy with many organizations coming in support of the priest.

Gorbu Wulomo, a famous pilgrim from Nugua in the Greater Accra region, defended the marriage saying she (the girl) is still in school. She does not live with Gborbu Wulomo. This marriage seems to be based on a very strange argument, the priest has also said that we have a traditional marriage.

ing about the pre-marriage ritual, Star FM in Ghana reported that 'they took this step to prevent any man from having physical relations with the girl, and it is also a tradition.

Spokesperson of the church, Ni Borte Kofi Frankwa II, speaking on the historical aspect of marriage and its spiritual relevance, said 'Na Yomo Ayemude has been reborn. She is a girl who lived 300 years ago and is now reincarnated, and to ensure this, the priest has to wait for the girl to mature before having physical relations with her, reports Star FM.

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