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2 killers of 2 innocent people.. UP politics heated up in Badayu murder case, know where the investigation has reached

Sajid, who barged into the house and brutally killed two minor children, has been shot dead by the police in an encounter. The statement of Sajid's mother has come out in this regard. He said that what happened to Sajid happened right. No matter how bad he did, he got his due punishment. On the other hand, politics has also heated up in UP after this double murder.
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The case of the brutal murder of two innocent children in Badayu, Uttar Pradesh is still unsolved. The investigation in this case is ongoing. Police teams are deployed to nab the accused Javed. A reward of up to 25 thousand rupees has also been kept on the accused. Meanwhile, the statement of the mother of Sajid, the main accused who carried out the murder, has come out. On his son's encounter, he said that whatever happened to Sajid was fine.

Sajid's mother told a news agency, "Whatever wrong my son Sajid did got its due consequences." I don't know what was going through his mind. We have no enmity with anyone. "I feel so sorry for the children that this happened to."

Politics heated up over Badayu massacre

Politics has also heated up in this matter. Regarding this incident, Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Shivpal Singh Yadav targeted the government and said, “The incident in Badayan is very sad, but the law and order of the government has collapsed. This is evident from such incidents.” On the killing of Sajid in the encounter, he said, I congratulate the district and police administration for this action, but the truth behind the incident should also come out.

A major revelation in the post-mortem report

The postmortem report revealed that Sajid stabbed her 24 times with a razor and a knife. According to the report, the minor child Ahaan received 9 injuries on his body and Ayush received 16 injuries on his body. Postmortem of both the children was done on Wednesday morning itself. Then the last rites were performed at Kachla Ghat at 10 o'clock. Post-mortem of accused Sajid was conducted after the encounter, in which it was found that there were 3 bullets in his body. His last rites were performed in Sakhanu.

What is the story of the Badayu massacre?

According to the FIR, the accused knew the family and went to demand money for the delivery of his wife. The police on Wednesday took into custody the father and uncle accused of murdering the minor brothers. Inspector General of Police (Bareli Range) RK Singh said the accused Sajid (22) was killed in an encounter hours after the murder. Sajid, who recently opened a barber shop in the area, barged into a house on Tuesday and attacked three younger brothers – Ayush (12), Ahan alias Honey (8) and Yuvraj (10) with a knife. Aayush and Ahaan died, while Yuvraj was hospitalized in a critical condition.

According to the FIR registered on the complaint of Vinod Kumar, father of the deceased, accused Sajid along with his brother Javed reached our house at 7 pm on Tuesday. Sajid asked my wife Sangeeta for five thousand rupees for the delivery of his wife. When my wife went inside to take money, Sajid went to the terrace of the house and Javed also reached the terrace, after which both of them called my two sons Ayush and Ahan to the terrace. Both of them attacked my sons with a sharp knife.

According to Vinod, when my wife came out with the money, she saw Sajid and Javed coming downstairs. Seeing my wife he said - today I did my work and ran away from the place. The accused also assaulted Yuvraj who is hospitalized and his condition is stable.”

The child's father was not at home at the time of the incident

The father of the deceased children is a private contractor and was out of the district at the time of the incident. Apart from his wife Sangeeta, his mother was also present at home. A few hours after the incident, Sajid (22) was killed by the police in an encounter while Javed is absconding. The police have not yet clarified the motive behind the incident. Badayu Senior Superintendent of Police Alok Priyadarshi said, "We have detained Sajid and Javed's father Babu and their uncle Kayamuddin for questioning. This step has been taken as part of efforts to arrest Javed.

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