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NEET issue is going on in SC, know how many fields can be made a career after NEET

Careers After NEET : The entire matter reached the Supreme Court following allegations of malpractice in the NEET UG result declared by the National Examination Agency on June 4. At that time, a hearing was held in the Supreme Court in this matter. Under this, here you also need to know how many fields you can make a career after NEET.

Supreme Court heard 3 petitions filed in NEET UG Result 2024 case. The Supreme Court in its order said that the exam will be re-conducted on June 23 and the result will be out on June 30. So there will be no impact on the counseling starting from 6th July.

Career in BDS

After NEET you can not only pursue a career in MBBS, but also become a dentist by pursuing a BDS course degree. Even in this field the options are not limited to public hospitals, many dentists can make a good career by starting their own clinics.

MD, MS and Diploma

After NEET it is one of the most preferred options after MBBS, students who want to continue their medical career do postgraduate courses like MD or MS or Diploma Doctors. This course also gives freedom to the students to specialize in the field of their choice.

MBA course

In today's time along with getting doctor degree, people also want to get management degree, MBA is a better option for such people. Some take it to develop entrepreneurial skills and explore career opportunities in management of healthcare organizations. For this, courses like MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management, MBA in Hospital Administration, MBA in General Management, MBA in Hospital and Health Management are available.

MSc course

After MBBS students have M.Sc. As a good option, an MBBS graduate can pursue a master's degree in any field. Aerospace Medicine, Anatomy, Anesthesia, Biochemistry, Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy, Forensic Medicine, Geriatrics, ENT. Apart from this one can also go into many other fields.

United Medical Services Area

UPSC conducts Combined Medical Service Examination every year in the month of July-August for the recruitment of Medical Officers in Government Organizations like UPSC Railway, Municipal Corporation. Candidates can appear for the exam after passing the final year of MBBS degree.

The prestige, prestige and power associated with UPSC-CMS is very high in Indian society. For some, getting recruited by UPSC is the goal. This is a good option if you want a permanent job in the government and if you want to be a part of the administrative staff of a hospital.

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