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WITT: The complexion of the country changed in the last 10 years, PM Modi recounts the achievements of his government

On the second day of TV9 Network's What India Think Today Global Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi touted his government's achievements and hit out at the opposition. PM Modi said that the next 5 years are very important. Our third term is to take the country's potential to new heights.

On the second day of TV9 Network's What India Thinks Today Global Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi enumerated the government's achievements in the last ten years. On this occasion, PM Modi said that the next 5 years are very important. Our third term is to take the country's potential to new heights.

During this program, PM Modi attacked the previous opposition governments. He said that those running the government for decades had no faith in the ability of Indians.

Decisions are also taken quickly: PM Modi

He said that scams and nepotism have destroyed the foundation of the country, whereas today policies are made quickly and decisions are taken quickly. Everything we do today, we do it the best and the biggest. FDI of Rs 320 billion came in the previous government and FDI of Rs 640 billion came in our 10 years.

While describing the achievements of the government on good governance, PM Modi said that the files are the same, the officers are the same, but there has been a big change. It was necessary to change the gear on which the country was running in order to rise. Foundation stone of Sarayu Canal Project laid. Then Pandit Nehru laid its foundation stone.

The work pending for 60 years was completed

He said that the work was pending for 60 years. We completed its work in the year 2017. I am constantly reviewing projects that have been stuck for decades. I have reviewed projects worth over Rs 17 lakh crore in the last 10 years.

PM Modi said that the foundation stone of Mumbai's Atal Bridge was laid in 2017. Launched earlier than usual. Laying optical fiber under the sea to Lakshadweep is considered difficult. We have accomplished this. You saw the picture of Surdarshan Setu in Dwarka. Its foundation stone was laid in 2017. Now it has been inaugurated.

Leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that we have to lead the fourth industrial revolution. Two new colleges open every day in India. 1 new university opens every week. 600 trademarks are registered every day. More than 50 thousand LPG connections were provided every day. 75 thousand people were lifted out of poverty every day. Who would have thought that 25 crore people came out of poverty in 10 years?

Targeting corruption, PM Modi said that poverty in India has reached its lowest level ever i.e. single digit. Consumption has increased two-and-a-half times in a decade. In the last 10 years, consumption in villages has increased as compared to cities. The development model has created employment opportunities and empowered rural areas.

Chose the path of appeasement, not appeasement

He said that the thinking of previous governments was that they preferred to keep people in poverty. At the time of elections, they used to fulfill their self-interest by giving little by little, that is, the government worked for those who voted for it. Now this has changed. We have ensured that the benefits of development reach everyone. Instead of appeasement, we have taken the path of contentment. This is everyone's support, everyone's development. Corruption occurs when there is scarcity. When there is saturation, there is satisfaction.

He said, from the abolition of Article 370 to the construction of Ram Mandir, from the end of triple talaq to women's reservation, from one rank to the post of Chief of Defense Staff, he has done many great things. From space to semiconductors, from AI to clean energy, India has reached the forefront today. India has overtaken Europe in 5G network. The next 5 years are very important.

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