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Will the border burn? Buildings built by China on Bhutan border, 3 villages visible from satellite image

The satellite has exposed yet another move by China, which believes in treachery and regionalism. It can be clearly seen in the satellite image that China has settled village after village in the disputed areas on the Bhutan border. From the area from which the satellite images have been revealed, it has been revealed that the identity of 3 villages inhabited by China has been revealed so far.

China's conspiracy on Bhutan border has been exposed. China is building villages in disputed areas on the Bhutan border. Tibetan people are being settled in these villages. This has been revealed from satellite images. So far 3 villages have been identified. China's strategy of regionalism is not hidden from anyone. It has been trying to grab the land of its neighboring countries.

This time the name of the neighboring country caught in the dragon's trap is Bhutan. Villages are being constructed by China on the Bhutan border. At least more than 200 houses have been built here by China. China is expanding it in the name of poverty alleviation program. This conspiracy of China has been revealed through satellite images.

According to South China Morning Post news, China is gradually expanding its territory on the border with Bhutan. Settling in a village in the disputed area on the Bhutan border. It is being said that Tibetan people are being settled in these villages. According to the report, 18 Tibetans were resettled on 28 December 2023. Earlier there was a plan to settle only 235 people. 200 people were already living in 70 houses where 235 people were to be settled.

So far China has built three villages

It is worth mentioning here that China started building villages and houses under the poverty alleviation program. After this China gradually made it part of national security as part of a conspiracy. 3 villages have come up in Maxar technology's satellite image. China is working on a similar scheme in both Gyalphag and Tamlung. China is developing rapidly in the Gyalphug village of Tamlung.

Conspiracy under poverty alleviation scheme

Gyalphug had two houses in 2007, hundreds of houses built by 2016-18. The report cited officials from the ruling Chinese Communist Party as saying that the rapid expansion began as a poverty alleviation plan, but it served a dual national security role. The South China Morning Post reported on Sunday that at least three villages have been built in the mountainous area separating the two countries.

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