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What did Joe Biden say on the Baltimore Bridge accident? Six people still missing, traffic suspended at the port

US President Joe Biden's statement on the Baltimore Bridge disaster has come out. After the tragedy, the US President suspended the movement of ships at the port of Baltimore until further notice.

A cargo ship collided with a bridge over the Patapsco River in Baltimore, USA. After this the bridge collapsed like a house of cards. In fact, all 22 crew members of the ship that collided with the bridge are Indians. Everyone is safe and sound. But six people are still missing in this accident. Their rescue work is going on.

Joe Biden's statement surfaced

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden's statement on the Baltimore Bridge disaster has come to light. He said eight people were missing after the Baltimore Bridge collapsed. Two of them have been rescued, while the remaining six are still missing. A rescue operation is underway to find them. Biden also said that the movement of ships at the port of Baltimore has been temporarily suspended.

Biden will rebuild this bridge

Biden further said, "Our condolences go out to all the people and all the families involved in this horrific accident." Especially with those who are currently waiting for news of their loved ones. I know that every minute of a situation like this feels big. President Biden thanked the rescue workers and the people of Baltimore. He said that the entire cost of construction of this bridge will be borne by the federal government.

6 out of 8 missing, 2 rescued

Biden addressed a press conference after the accident. Meanwhile, he said that officials say that eight people were missing in this accident, out of which two have been rescued. One is uninjured while the other is in critical condition. Rescue operations are underway to find the missing people. However, he also said that the number of missing persons may change.

The ship was bound for Colombo from Baltimore

Let us tell you that according to the local time of America, this accident happened at around 1:30 in the night. The 948-foot Dalí ship, en route from Baltimore to Colombo, collided with the piers of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. The bridge fell into the river after colliding with the ship.

It is being told that after the accident, the ship also caught fire and black smoke started coming out from the ship. However, no information is yet available as to why the ship hit the bridge. It is being verified.

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