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Traffic light: When was traffic light invented? Can driverless cars now recognize signals?

Knowledge : Everyone has to obey the traffic light signal while driving on the road. But do you know when and where traffic lights were first invented? Find out how this idea came about.

Traffic signal light: Whenever you drive on roads anywhere in the world, you have to follow certain rules. The first rule is to wear a seat belt for your safety while sitting in a car and follow traffic light rules for the safety of others while walking on the road. But do you know who invented the traffic light? Today we will tell you when and how the traffic light was invented.

Searching for traffic lights?

The question is when and at what time was the need for traffic lights? According to information, horses, donkeys and carriages were running in London at the time of 1868. Due to which the roads were filled with these riders. Meanwhile, the pedestrians had to face a lot of trouble. Meanwhile, the largest crowd was at Parliament Square. Due to which, from time to time, someone was injured due to the collision of horses there. Meanwhile there were not enough policemen to control the traffic. To deal with this problem, the idea of ​​installing traffic signals came up.

World's first traffic light

After this, on 10 December 1868, the first traffic signal was installed at Parliament Square in London. But this signal was very different from today's signal. Traffic signals at that time had to be operated manually through the railway signal system. For this, two types of lights, red and green, were installed in the pillar-like pipe. This light was running on gas.

A policeman would fill it with gas through a pipe and then operate it. However, gas traffic lights were also very dangerous. After a few minutes of walking there was an explosion, seriously injuring the operator. After this traffic signals were banned for the next 50 years.

started again

After this in the year 1929 traffic signals started again in Britain. But before this, in the year 1921, police officer William Pott in Detroit, USA, started a three-section traffic signal. In 1923, African-American scientist Garrett Morgan invented the electric traffic signal. He then sold his invention to General Electric for $40,000. Then it happened that gradually traffic signals started to be installed in other countries of the world.

When did the yellow light come on?

Let us tell you that initially there was no yellow light on the traffic signal. Those signals had only red and green lights. When William Pott came up with a three color signal in 1921. Then he added yellow color to it. Which in a way was an indicator of alert. Due to which the driver started the vehicle and got ready.

What signals will driverless vehicles recognize?

With the development of technology, driverless vehicles are now appearing in the world. But the question is how one stops the vehicles by understanding the emotions and helps someone in an emergency. Can driverless vehicles do this? According to experts, driverless vehicles will run on their own software and systems.

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