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There will be a war between Pakistan-Taliban! After the airstrikes, the Taliban retaliated with Pakistan, destroying military posts

After Pakistan carried out airstrikes in Afghanistan, the Taliban targeted Pakistani military posts. Taliban soldiers fired and bombarded Burki on the Durand Line, Pakistan-Afghanistan border. At least three Pakistani soldiers were injured during this.

After Pakistan's air attack in Afghanistan, a situation of tension has arisen between the two countries. Pakistan carried out airstrikes in the border areas of Afghanistan on Monday, March 18. However, after that, the Taliban has retaliated to this air attack by Pakistan and after entering Pakistan, the Taliban forces have carried out surgical strikes on the military posts of Pakistan. Meanwhile, heavy bombardment and firing targeted the Pakistani Sain outposts.

Taliban's surgical strike in Pakistan

According to information, Taliban soldiers fired and shelled Burki on Pakistan-Afghanistan border Durand Line. At least three Pakistani soldiers were injured during this. There were also bloody clashes along the border between the armies of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Taliban-led Defense Ministry says the Taliban's border forces targeted Pakistani posts with heavy weapons in response to the Pakistani attack. The ministry also said that the security forces are ready to respond to any aggressive action for the security of Afghanistan and will protect the territorial integrity under any circumstances.

8 people were killed in the Pakistani attack

According to the Taliban-led Defense Ministry, Pakistani warplanes once again entered Afghan territory and bombed civilian homes in Barmel district of Paktika province and Sepera district of Khost province. At least eight people including women and children were killed. Including five women and three children.

Taliban's warning to Pakistan

After Pakistan's air attack, Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid has warned Pakistan. He said any violation of Afghanistan's sovereignty would have serious consequences. Along with this, the Taliban has also requested the newly formed government of Pakistan not to allow irresponsible steps that could jeopardize the relations between the two neighboring countries.

Tension increased between the two countries

The accusation-rebuttal streak continues between the two countries regarding the recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Pakistan has alleged that these attacks have been carried out from the soil of Afghanistan. While the Taliban has dismissed this claim of Pakistan as false. According to Pakistani media, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) commander Abdullah Shah was killed in an air strike by Pakistan in Afghan territory. However, the commander later released a video claiming that he was in South Waziristan.

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