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The strength of the Indian Navy will increase, the Ministry of Defense will buy 200 Brahmos missiles for 20 thousand crore rupees

As per Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mission, India is steadily moving towards becoming self-reliant in the defense sector. The deal made in Wednesday's meeting is being considered very important. An important agreement worth Rs 20 thousand crore has been signed between Brahmos Aerospace and the Ministry of Defence. The Cabinet Committee on Security has approved the purchase of 200 BrahMos missiles.

India is setting a new example of self-reliance in the defense sector. In this regard, the Cabinet Committee on Security has approved the purchase of 200 BrahMos missiles. The purchase of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile will be for the Indian Navy. This will increase the strength of the Indian Army to fight against the enemy. These missiles will be deployed on warships of the Indian Navy. According to information, this deal is worth 20 thousand crore rupees.

A meeting was held in this regard on Wednesday evening. This is an important deal for the Indian Navy. The deal is likely to be signed between BrahMos Aerospace and the Ministry of Defense in the first week of March. Along with this, there are also reports that India is soon going to export BrahMos missiles to the Philippines. An agreement has been reached between the two countries on this issue.

What is BrahMos Aerospace?

BrahMos Aerospace is a joint venture between the governments of India and Russia. This self-reliance in the defense sector is part of Prime Minister Narendra's important mission. The enterprise manufactures the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. These missiles can be launched from submarines, warships, aircraft and also from land. The BrahMos missile is the main weapon of the Indian Navy, used in anti-ship and attack operations.

Important agreement with the Philippines

Many countries around the world have shown interest in buying India-made Brahmos Aerospace. The Philippines has emerged as BrahMos Aerospace's first customer. The Philippines has shown great interest in purchasing the BrahMos missile system. According to the information, there will be a deal with the Philippines worth about 375 million dollars. Export of BrahMos missile will increase self-reliance in defense sector of the country.

The Philippines is currently facing China's maneuvering but will get a boost in its strategic strength after acquiring the BrahMos missile from India. There is also information that the Philippines is also going to buy Tejas fighter jets from India to give a jaw-dropping reply to China. Against China's diplomacy, India has also offered to buy Tejas from the Philippines.

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