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The originator of terror is hungry for flour today, PM Modi lashed out at Pakistan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted Pakistan while campaigning in Madhya Pradesh's Damoh. He said that today the condition of many countries in the world is very bad. Many countries are going bankrupt. A neighboring country of ours, which was a supplier of terrorism, is now scrambling to get flour.
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Addressing an election rally in Madhya Pradesh's Damoh, Prime Minister Modi lashed out at neighboring Pakistan. PM Modi said that the country which is the supplier of terrorism is now dying to get flour. He said that an atmosphere of war has been created in the world at present. The clouds of war are over the world. There is unrest everywhere. In such a situation, our India is developing the fastest in the world.

The Prime Minister said that when there is an atmosphere of war in the world, it is necessary to have a strong government in the country. This election is an election to make India a superpower. This election is an election to brighten the future of India. This election is to secure the future of the next generation. Today India is being praised all over the world. Today, there is a BJP government in the country, which is neither subservient to anyone nor bowing down to anyone.

Today there is a government that does not bow to anyone and does not fear anyone

Prime Minister Modi said that our principle is to serve the country first. India should get cheap fuel, so we took a decision in national interest. We have taken a decision in the national interest to ensure that Indian farmers get adequate quantity of cheap fertilizers. We have provided free food grains to crores of families. Free corona vaccine is given. Today there is a government that neither bows down to anyone nor fears anyone. He said that for us nation comes first then everything else.

Congress kept the security of the country behind

PM Modi further said that I want to tell this country the truth of India alliance. He held back the defense of the country. Congress used all its strength to ensure that the Air Force remained weak. He exerted all his strength to prevent Rafale from entering the country. Weapons should not be made here. Prime Minister Modi said that 21 thousand crore rupees have been exported from the country this time. Now we are also providing BrahMos missile.

Modi's guarantee to the corrupt is making them restless

PM Modi said that Modi's guarantee is making family oriented and corrupt leaders restless. They say that there will be a fire if the BJP government is formed for the third time. People of India alliance are threatening Modi every day. But Modi has not been and will never be intimidated by their threats. PM Modi said that Congress and India alliance are busy insulting our faith. PM Modi said that these people say that we have dengue and malaria forever. They are also strongly opposing the Ram temple built in Ayodhya. These people consider the worship of Lord Shri Ram as hypocrisy.

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