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The cupboards of Badrinath Dham will be opened from this day, know the date and time

The process of opening the gates of Char Dham Yatra has started. Meanwhile, the date for opening the doors of Badrinath Dham on Basant Panchami has been announced. Read this article to know when the doors of the holy Badrinath Dham of Lord Vishnu in Uttarakhand will open this year.
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Chardham Yatra is considered very important in Hinduism. Every year Char Dham Yatra starts for a fixed period, of which Badrinath Dham Yatra is considered very special. Because Badrinath Dham located in Uttarakhand is considered as the main abode of Lord Vishnu. Apart from this, Badrinath Dham is also called Vaikuntha Dham of Earth.

It is believed that Lord Hari Vishnu resides here during his 6 months of rest. Before opening the doors of this temple, it is a tradition to celebrate the Garuda Chhad Utsav in the Narasimha temple located in Joshimath . A large number of devotees of Lord Badrinath participate in the fair held in Joshimath every year. Let's know Badrinath Dham door opening time and auspicious time.

When will the doors of Badrinath Dham open?

On the day of Basant Panchami, the gates of Bhagwan Badrinath Dham, a symbol of faith and reverence for crores of Hindus, will be opened to all devotees on 12 May 2024 at 6 am on Brahm Muhurta. A large number of devotees come to have darshan on this occasion.

The doors remain closed for 6 months

The doors of Badrinath Dham located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand remained closed for 6 months and now after 6 months the date of opening the doors in Tihri Raj Darbar has been announced. For this, on behalf of the Dihri Religious Central Panchayat, Gadu Ghada i.e. oil urn is taken from Sri Lakshminarayan Temple and handed over to the Tihri Rajdarbar.

After drawing the sesame oil, it is taken from Badrinath Dham to Gadu Ghada Narendra Nagar Rajdarbar via Dimar to Sri Nrisingh Mandir, Yoga Dhyan Badri and after reaching Pandukeshwar it is taken to Badrinath Dham and after opening the doors of the Dham the Kalash is enshrined. Abhishek with this oil in Lord Badrinath Dham.

The announcement is made on the day of Vasant Panchami

According to a centuries-old tradition, after calculating the calendar in the palace, the Baraj priests determine the auspicious time to open the gates by looking at the horoscope of Maharaja Manujendra Shah, king of Tihri. The ceremony of pouring the sesame oil used in the Abhishek of Lord Badrinath will take place on 25 April 2024 at the Rajmahal. On the auspicious occasion, along with members of the royal family, Badrikedar Mandir Committee Chairman Ajendra Ajay and other officials were present.

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