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The craze of the Ahmedabad 'Atal Bridge' built on the theme of kites, the corporation's lottery, know what is the reason?

The Atal Bridge built on the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad is very popular with tourists and locals alike. This bridge, unique of its kind in the country, was built at a cost of Rs 74 crore but in the last 16 months, more than 33 lakh people have visited the bridge.

Atal Bridge, built on the Sabarmati riverfront, has emerged as a major tourist destination in a very short time. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is getting good income from this. So far 33 lakh 84 thousand 477 people have crossed the Atal footover bridge built on the Sabarmati riverfront. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation out of which Rs. 13.44 crores have been received. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation built this bridge on the riverfront at a cost of 74 crores. Which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his own hands. The total length of Atal Bridge is 300 meters i.e. 980 feet. After good response from people, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is preparing to build one more bridge.

The bridge will be built in the second phase of the riverfront. The Gujarat government has announced the extension of the riverfront to Gandhinagar in Budget 2024. The design of this riverfront bridge is inspired by kites. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated this bridge on August 27, 2022. After the final of the Cricket World Cup in 2023, the Australian team had its photo shoot near Atal Bridge.

According to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, if the visitors of the flower show are added, a total of 33 lakh 84 thousand 477 people have visited Atal Bridge so far. Which includes 3 lakh 85 thousand 933 children. This has resulted in an income of 9 crore 49 lakh 25 thousand 715 rupees. 44 lakh 61 thousand 319 people visited Atal Bridge and Flower Park together. Out of this the Corporation will get Rs. 13.44 crores was earned.

Atal Bridge is the first of its kind in the country. Which is built on a river, but vehicles do not run on it. The inspiration for this footover bridge is derived from the celebration of kites and Uttarayana. This glass foot over bridge is built between Sardar Bridge and Ellis Bridge.

After the good response to the Atal Bridge, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has planned to build one more bridge over the Sabarmati River. This will be a barrage cum bridge. The corporation has prepared a plan to build it between Power House and Sadar Bazar. It will be constructed in the second phase of the riverfront. 184 crore rupees will be spent for it. A scenic view of the Sabarmati River riverfront will also be seen from this bridge.

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