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Sadhguru underwent brain surgery, Kangana got a big shock, know what he said

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev's brain was operated immediately. After which many people expressed concern about his health. Actress Kangana Ranaut expressed her feelings by writing a post on social media. She said in this post that she is completely exhausted.

Spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev underwent emergency brain surgery at a private hospital in Delhi. A statement in this regard was released by the hospital on Wednesday. He was suffering from headaches for the past four weeks.

He was operated on on March 17. A statement from Indraprastha Apollo Hospital said that his condition is stable and Sadguru has been put on artificial respiration after the surgery. After learning about Sadhguru's operation, many people have expressed concern about his health on social media. In which actress Kangana Ranaut also wrote a post on X (Twitter) and expressed her feelings after learning about Sadhguru's condition.

Kangana's grief overflowed

Kangana wrote in her post, 'When I saw Sadhguru in the ICU bed today, I suddenly realized the mortal nature of his existence. It had never occurred to me before that they, like us, were made of bones, blood and flesh. As if God had collapsed, the earth had shaken and the sky had left me alone. My head was spinning. I was not aware of the reality of the situation and I did not want to believe it. I suddenly started crying.

He was suffering from headache

Kangana has expressed her feelings in these words. On Wednesday, Sadhguru's team shared a video of him in the hospital on social media. In this video, he is seen with a bandage on his head. He was suffering from headache for the past four weeks.

However, he was concentrating on various other plans including the grand celebration of Mahashivratri. Finally, when he underwent an MRI scan on March 15, it was found that he had a brain bleed. Then on March 17, he underwent an emergency surgery.

Apollo Hospital neurologist who treated Sadhguru. Vineet Suri said, “We were operating with them that we did what was in our hands, but you are correcting yourself. The improvement we are seeing in his health is more than expected. They are fine now. His brain, body and other vital parameters are normal.

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