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Reliance Industries: This real businessman, Mukesh Ambani found a way to survive the Houthi attack, this 15th century trick worked!

Reliance Group has found a way to survive the attacks of Yemen's Houthi group in the Red Sea. Due to this, Reliance is saving huge losses in petroleum trade with Europe. Finally, what method has Reliance come up with…

Businessman Mukesh Ambani has found a way to ensure that his business does not suffer due to attacks by Yemen's Houthi group in the Red Sea. Reliance Industries exports refined petroleum products to European countries on a large scale and for this it is essential that its goods are not damaged in transit.

According to agency reports, Reliance Industries' fuel-laden vessels are now en route from India to Europe via the 'Cape of Good Hope' in South Africa. Due to this, Reliance Industries is continuing its business with Europe even leaving the route of Red Sea and Suez Canal. At the same time, it has also found a way to avoid Houthi attacks.

This is Vasco da Gama's route

The route through which Reliance Industries is currently doing business with Europe. This is the same route by which Vasco da Gama reached India from Portugal in the 15th century. Even then this route was used only for trade. This was the period when Turkey, the gateway to Asia, was occupied by the Ottoman Empire. This closed the land trade route between east and west and then European sailors went in search of a new route.

One of these Portuguese sailors, Vasco da Gama, also set out in 1498 in search of a route to the Indian market and explored the route to the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. After this, trade continued between India and Europe through this route for a long time.

Tankers pass through Africa

An analysis of ship tracking data by the news agency revealed that most of the world's fuel cargo ships are currently traveling through Africa's Cape of Good Hope route. While the shortest route between Asia and Europe is through the Red Sea, the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea. It is also much cheaper in terms of cost for companies and entrepreneurs.

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