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Real battle in Banaskantha, Gani Ben VS Rekha Chowdhury, both leaders' propaganda 'war', watch

Both the parties have fielded women candidates on the Banaskantha seat. On one side is Congress firebrand leader Ganiben Thakor and on the other is BJP's Rekhaben Chaudhary. This seat was once a stronghold of the Congress but since 1998 the situation has improved for the BJP. However, this time, BJP will try to get votes by putting Modi's face forward, on the other hand, Congress is in the field with the slogan of Ben Ganiben of Banas. The question is, who will win in the end?

Among the 26 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state, Banaskantha Lok Sabha seat is the most debated seat. There are many reasons behind this. One is that both women candidates are contesting in this seat and secondly Congress is looking strong in this seat. There is no new name for Ganiben Thakor Banaskantha seat. On the other hand, BJP's candidate is Rekha Chaudhary. Both the women leaders are exploring the nooks and crannies of Banas. Vigorous propaganda is being done by reaching all places. In a way, both the Baahubali women have put a lot of emphasis on the campaign field. Both the leaders are going to one part of the area and doing public relations.

Thus, the geographical situation of Banaskantha district adjacent to India Pakistan border and Rajasthan is divided into three parts, border area, urban area and tribal area. Therefore, the candidates on this seat are organizing their strategy according to the area.

'Banasani Ben' will do Kamal?

First of all, let us talk about the Congress candidate, that is, Ganiben Thakor, the current MLA from Vav. Fire brand leader of Congress and Assembly Speaker Ganiben Thakor and the Congress have started campaigning and spreading in full force as soon as they entered the fray. Ganiben Thakor has started the campaign with the slogan of Banasani Ben Gani Ben. As for Genie Ben, he is an experienced leader. He has been MLA for two times. They are being welcomed during the campaign.

While talking about the weak side, defection from Congress to BJP is the biggest problem. Former MLA of Disa, Gobhai Desai, former MLA of Dhanera, Joitabhai Patel, former MLA of Palanpur, Maheshbhai Patel and other Congress leaders have joined BJP. Therefore, due to these leaders, there are gaps in the vote bank of the Congress.

BJP got a new face

On the other hand, BJP has given a chance to a new face in Banaskantha Lok Sabha, it has fielded educated candidate Dr. Rekha Chaudhary, the granddaughter of Banas Dairy founder Galba Bhai. Also, BJP booth management is strong, workers are strong and the voters can be taken by its workers to the polls, so BJP gets victory. So Rekhaben holds a doctorate degree and has been a professor in an engineering college for 20 years. Thus, educated women are emerging as young faces.

Mostly Modi wave is running from last two terms and BJP candidate wins in Modi wave. Rekhaben also feels that she will win because of Modi's face and she herself is constantly doing public outreach programs

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