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People are moving away from religion in Islamic countries, what is X Muslims spreading from America to India

Iraqi refugee Salwan Momika, who was in controversy for burning the Koran, has been claimed dead in Norway. Momika, who calls herself an 'Extreme X-Muslim', was in the limelight for speaking against Islam. His death is currently unconfirmed, but the X-Muslim community is in the news.

Many surveys are constantly claiming that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. According to Pew Research, in the year 2035, the followers of this religion will be the most. Currently, Christianity is at the top, while Islam is at number two. Which has the most followers. This religion is spreading very fast, but a different thing is also happening with this. People are leaving Islam. These people do not identify themselves as atheists or followers of other religions, but as ex-Muslims. Today is his identity.

What does an ex-Muslim do?

People who follow Islam are very strict about religion. He believes in all the rules and believes in things like Jannat-Jahannum. He shows his identity as an ex-Muslim, he keeps sharing new things on social media. Incites religious leaders to discuss and people to leave this religion.

Why are ex-Muslim communities starting to form?

Those who leave this religion reportedly receive death threats. A documentary was also made on this in the year 2016. Islam's Non-Believers, a film made in Norway, dealt with the fear and threat of ex-Muslims. How do they get threats or threats to kill the family? X-Muslim did one thing, he started to connect people with similar thoughts. And just from here the ex-Muslim community started to form

This is a kind of support network. Which helps like minded people. In which many things are involved from giving legal advice. But the biggest work of X Muslim is to take his idea forward i.e., to turn people away from Islam, for this he goes to various social media platforms and meets people. Some people even talk by hiding their names and faces.

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