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Papaya and Banana Cultivation Makes Young Farmer Wealthy, Smell of Ghee Spreads to Mumbai

Mukesh Yadav, a farmer living in Haryana's Faridabad, is earning more than 7 lakh rupees every year by cultivating vegetables, fruits and milk in his village. Mukesh Yadav has made extensive use of government run agricultural schemes in his farming. Today he is counted among the progressive farmers.

Mukesh Yadav, a farmer from Faridabad, Haryana is being discussed everywhere. Today farmer Mukesh earns lakhs of rupees annually from vegetables, fruits, milk etc. in his farm. He has made full use of his education and the schemes provided by the government in his farming. Mukesh Yadav has also advised the new generation of farmer youth to do business through agriculture.

Mukesh Yadav's name in progressive farmers list

Mukesh Yadav, a farmer from Faridabad, is known among progressive farmers today. Mukesh earns more than Rs 7 lakh a year by cultivating banana and papaya in two acres. Mukesh Yadav's name has been added to the list of progressive farmers due to new experiments in agriculture. Mukesh Yadav has put his education and literacy to good use in his farming experience.

Apart from this, they understood the agricultural schemes of the government by using the internet a lot, but took advantage of it and bought new and modern tools for farming with the grant money given by the government, so that today they can do their farming easily. They produce more and more with less effort. Getting financial benefits.

Mukesh Yadav has focused on modern methods of cultivation of vegetables and fruits instead of paddy and wheat crops which are sold at minimum MSP. He worked very hard to do this work and his hard work paid off. Pomegranate, Radish, Guava, Orange, Tomato, Carrot, Banana, Tomato, Papaya, Mustard, Spinach, Coriander, Onion, Potato, Pea, Tomato, Cabbage, Cabbage etc. are being produced in good quantity in their fields.

Milk and ghee goes to Delhi-Mumbai

Mukesh Yadav has also built a small cowshed in his farm. Buffaloes and cows are present in it. Through this he is also doing ghee and pure milk business. He claims that ghee made from pure milk from his place reaches Delhi and Mumbai. By doing this work, today he is earning more than 7 lakh rupees a year.

What about the new generation of farmers?

Farmer Mukesh says the new generation of farmers are not interested in farming because they have seen the glamor of cities. Even today laborers from UP, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are working in the fields of farmers from Haryana and Punjab. The new generation of farmers are moving away from agriculture and preferring government and private jobs.

To make progress in this sector, it is necessary to connect the new generation with agriculture. To join the new generation we have to leave the traditional farming of MSP and focus on modern farming as per market demand. Also, unless the farmer himself is involved in his produce business, his income will not increase. At this time the challenge of eliminating agriculture in the villages around the cities will have to be faced.


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