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One, not two Google CEO Sundar Pichai uses 20 smartphones, said reason

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has made many revelations in an interview regarding his use of smartphones and technology. Pichai gave an interview in 2021, in which he revealed how many phones he owns and how long he allows his children to use them. Let's take a look at the details of Sundar Pichai.

How much technology do people running big tech companies use? Many times this question comes in people's mind. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, has answered some of these questions. He revealed his tech-related habits in an interview in 2021.

In this interview, Sundar Pichai said how many phones he uses. Apart from this, he also said that AI is the most important invention ever made by humans. Let's know the special things about Sundar Pichai's interview.

How many phones does Sundar Pichai use?

Sundar Pichai said that he uses more than 20 phones for different reasons. Where it is becoming difficult for people to manage one or two phones. Sundar Pichai uses more than 20 phones there. Pichai said he had to do this to test all Google services.

How often do you change your password?

Apart from this, he has made many other revelations in this interview. When asked about the security of his account, he said that he does not change his password often. Instead, they rely on two-factor authentication for added security. This shows that Pichai uses modern security methods.

What does Sundar Pichai think about AI?

Apart from this, he has also shared some ideas about artificial intelligence. He believes that AI is the most important technology created by humans.

Pichai has also shared some special things about screen time. When asked how much time their children spend on screens? So he said that for this individual limits have to be set against strict rules.

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