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Nusrat Jhan's post created a controversy while Sandeshkhali was burning

Amidst the Sandeshkhali controversy, the TMC MP is facing criticism for her post on social media. People are outraged on social media. Now, as soon as this picture was posted on social media, the same picture was seen in the comment box. Where Nusrat doesn't stop firing guns.

For several weeks, the police were in confusion over Shah Jahan's arrest in the Sandeshkhali case. Some complain about land acquisition, some complain of harassment of women. Currently, Sandeshkhali is burning in the flames of protest. Where is TMC MP Nusrat Jahan in such a situation?

For a long time this question caused a stir in various circles. On the other hand, Nusrat, who is considered a celebrity in West Bengal, is busy with her work. She is seen participating in many events. Sometimes the bold look of the actress is going viral. Due to which he has to suffer the sarcasm of people. In such a situation, people are outraged on social media. Now as soon as this picture is posted on social media, it has been targeted in the comment box.

Someone wrote, 'Bangla Kalank' and someone wrote, 'Sandeshkhali is burning.' And you post this without going there?' Then someone also asked a question, 'Did you go without message? What did you say, Article 174 is applicable? This is according to the rules of the constitution of any country…'

Coincidentally, one after the other allegations of rape of women, land grabbing have ignited more fire in the media. There is also resentment over the MPs not going to the area. Apart from this, she was also seen opening her mouth on social media. He wrote, 'Such allegations are heart-wrenching. As a woman, as a people's representative, I have always stood with the people following the words of my party. Our Chief Minister has already done everything to help and take action regarding the message gap. I have done everything for the people of my center.

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