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Mutual funds gave investors 960% return in 10 years, these 20 funds did it

People who don't want to take the day-to-day risks associated with the stock market, but want to get good returns by investing in it. For them, mutual funds are a low-risk option. Over the past 10 years, mutual funds have returned over 960 percent to investors. Read this report...

Everyone wants to get good returns by investing in the stock market, but the problem is that investing in the stock market is very risky. In such a situation, common people get an opportunity to easily invest in the stock market through mutual funds, which are less risky than direct investment in the stock market. Did you know that mutual funds have given people 960 percent returns in the last 10 years?

During the 10-year tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government, the stock market saw a 3-fold rise. This has also had a beneficial effect on the returns of mutual fund companies.

10 years account

The first tenure of the Modi government began on 16 May 2014. If we look at the data from then till May 27, 2024, mutual funds have given strong returns to investors during this period. According to ACE MF data, the mutual fund industry has registered very rapid growth. While the fund base of the country's 195 equity schemes has grown over the past 10 years, it has also delivered tremendous returns. There are about 20 funds in which investors have received returns of up to 960 percent.

Highest Returning Fund

Two mutual funds that invest in small cap fund companies have given the highest returns to people in the market. The company has given a total return of 964.27 percent in 10 years. Similarly, SBI Small Cap Fund has returned 904.58% during this period.

These 20 Funds Giving Tremendous Returns

(Returns received in 10 years)

Nippon India Small Cap Fund- 964.27%

SBI Small Cap Fund- 904.58%

Quant ELSS Tax Saver Fund- 865%

Quant Active Fund- 699.93%

Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund- 693.38%

DSP Small Cap Fund- 678.81%

Quant Flexi Cap Fund- 669.83%

HSBC Small Cap Fund- 666.75%

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund- 665.28%

Axis Small Cap Fund- 656.79%

Mirai Asset Large and Midcap Fund- 648.54%

Motilal Oswal Midcap Fund- 644.81%

Kotak Small Cap Fund- 628.50%

Edelweiss Mid Cap Fund-617.69%

Franklin India Small Cap Fund- 594.43%

HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund- 588.55%

Quant Mid Cap Fund- 581.71%

Quant Small Cap Fund- 576.38%

Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund- 573.05%

Canara Rob Emerging Equity Fund- 559.18%

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