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Maharashtra News: Supreme Court slams Ajit Pawar group for using Sharad Pawar's name and photo

Supreme Court is angry with Ajit Pawar group. Sharad Pawar's group filed a complaint in court regarding the use of Sharad Pawar's name and photo. After which the court has strongly reprimanded the Ajit Pawar group. The Ajit Pawar faction is still using Sharad Pawar's name and picture to appeal to voters

A hearing on the NCP election symbol dispute was held in the Supreme Court today. The court has severely reprimanded the Ajit Pawar group. In fact, Sharad Pawar group's lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi complained in court that Ajit Pawar group is still using Sharad Pawar's name and picture to appeal to voters.

You don't need them when there are no elections: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court expressed surprise at the matter and told the Ajit Pawar faction that, when the elections are near, you need Sharad Pawar. You don't need them when there are no elections. Now you have a different identity, go with it to the electorate.

The court asked for an affidavit

The court asked Ajit Pawar's group to give an undertaking within two days through an affidavit not to use Sharad Pawar's name and picture to appeal to voters. Apart from this, the court has asked the Ajit Pawar group to consider choosing some other election symbol to avoid any confusion. The court further said that the Election Commission's decision is not final. The next hearing of this case has now been held on Tuesday.

The identity battle is never ending

Let us tell you that on February 6, the Election Commission considered Ajit Pawar's faction as the genuine NCP and allotted the election symbol Wall Clock to his faction. Following this, on 19 February, the Supreme Court allowed NCP founder Sharad Pawar and his party to campaign under the name 'Nationalist Congress Party (Sharad Chandra Pawar).

Affidavit has to be filed within two days

On February 7, the Election Commission gave a new name to the Sharad Pawar group to contest the Rajya Sabha elections. Now the Ajit Pawar group has to file an affidavit within two days not to use the picture and name.

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