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Know when and how much to water the money plant, if you follow these tips, the leaves will not turn yellow

Most people love money plants. Some people believe that keeping money plant in the house is auspicious. Growing money plant in the house increases the beauty of the house. But sometimes the money plant dries up. In this situation some tips should be adopted to take care of money plant.

Money plant is a vine that does not need much care. But sometimes due to carelessness money plant dries up. Leaving the plant in the sun for too long or not watering the plant properly can damage the plant.

How Much Water to Water a Money Plant Where do you grow a money plant? depends on it. If you have grown a money plant in a clay pot, you should water it only when the top layer of soil has dried to about an inch. The roots of the money plant spread throughout the pot. In such a situation, water should be poured into the entire vessel.

Money plants can also be grown in water bottles. If you grow your money plant in a water bottle, change the water in the bottle every 10 to 15 days. Watering this way will not turn the leaves of the money plant yellow.

Also the yellow leaves of the money plant should be removed after some time. Because in such condition the yellow leaves get nutrients from the soil. So the green leaves do not get enough nutrition.

If you added fertilizer while growing the money plant, you won't need to add fertilizer for 3 to 4 months. Although the money plant does not require much fertilizer, fertilizer should be added to the money plant every 3-4 months.

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