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Japan launches rocket fueled by cow dung

Biogas obtained from cow dung is being used for fuel worldwide.

Now Japanese industrial gas producer Air Water and Sinterstellar Technology together have achieved a new feat by launching a rocket with this fuel. This fuel is prepared from cow dung. After this success, these organizations believe that it will be used all over the world in the future. It can also be used in satellite launch.

Japan is preparing to use cow dung as rocket fuel. Japan's space industry tested a prototype rocket engine on 8 December 2023. This rocket fuel is prepared from cow dung. The rocket is fired using biomethane, which is prepared from cow dung.

The rocket, fueled by biomethane fuel, shot 10–15 meters (30–50 ft) of blue and orange flame through an open hangar door for about 10 seconds in the city of Taqi. Takahiro Inagawa, chief executive of Interstellar Technologies, said the biomethane used at two local dairy farms was made entirely from cow dung.

"We're doing this not only because it's good for the environment, but because it can be produced locally," Inagawa said. It is very economical and fuel with good performance and purity. We are the first private business to do this but I don't think it will be replicated worldwide. I can say that it will be used more in the future.

This technology will also be used in satellites!

Interstellar Technologies, which launched rockets from cow dung, and Air Water, a firm, believe that in the future satellites can be launched using this fuel. These companies work closely with local farmers who have the equipment to process cow dung into biogas on their farms.

Airwater collects the biogas and then turns it into rocket fuel. Tomohiro Nishikawa, an engineer at Air Water, said Japan is short on resources and must secure domestically produced, carbon-neutral energy. Cow dung from this region has a lot of potential.

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