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Intoxication business in the name of Ayurvedic syrup!:

Crime branch in Rajkot seized 5 trucks full of 73 thousand bottles of syrup, help of FSL to know alcohol content
10 Month ago

After the contamination of foreign liquor, charas, drugs and ganja, now the contamination of Ayurvedic syrups is increasing among the youth. Rajkot Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava instructed Rajkot Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava to prevent intoxicants being sold in the name of Ayurvedic syrup in Pan shops. Based on the information provided by the Rajkot crime team, before supplying Ayurvedic syrup to Rajkot and surrounding districts, 73,275 bottles of syrup were found in 5 trucks, a total of more than 73 lakhs was found and seized from FSL and Food and Further action has been taken with the help of drugs department.

Selling Syrup at Pan Parlor!

Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava instructed the Rajkot city crime branch and SOG police to prevent this contamination after receiving a complaint that youths were consuming intoxicants in the name of Ayurvedic syrup in different paan shops in Rajkot city. Meanwhile, Rajkot Crime Branch PI BT Gohil and team got certain information.According to this, the bottles of Ayurvedic syrup are coming to Rajkot city for supply, so a watch has been set up and 5 trucks have been found in Rajkot and surrounding districts for supply. When the police stopped and searched it, they found 73,275 syrup bottles of 6 different brands, the estimated value of which is Rs 73.27 lakh.

73275 bottles of suspicious syrup were found out of it.

After this, after being thoroughly checked by the police, 11950 bottles of Gitanjali Drakshasava Special Healthcare Ayurvedic, 20325 bottles of Usirasava Asava Arista Healthcare Ayurvedic, 9150 bottles of Asvasava Between the Brain and Other Part of Body Healthcare Ayurvedic, Kal Meghasava Asva Arista Healthcare Ayurvedic 21225 bottles of as well as Kadhakasav Healthcare 1000 bottles of Ayurvedic, plus 9625 bottles of Gargam Aswa Aristha Healthcare Ayurvedic were recovered making a total of 73275 bottles worth Rs.73,27,500.


Samples sent to FSL

Police have now obtained samples and sent them to FSL to verify whether there is alcohol content in this syrup and along with this the help of Food and Drug Department has also been taken, further action will be taken after the report is received. On the other hand, the police has started an investigation in the direction from where this quantity of syrup has come to Rajkot, who has brought it, to whom it was to be given.

BT Gohil, PI, Crime Branch.

Earlier, the rural police seized a quantity in Shapar Veraval.

It is worth mentioning that recently in Rajkot, the rural police raided a godown in Shapar Veraval and seized a quantity of intoxicating liquid in the name of syrup. The apprehension of having been cannot be ruled out.

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