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How Rank is Determined in NEET Exam, Know Here What's The Formula?

During the hearing of the NEET UG result case today, the Supreme Court refused to ban counselling. 1563 candidates, who were given grace marks, will have to retake the exam. The exam will be re-conducted on June 23 and the result will be declared on June 30.

The entire matter reached the Supreme Court following allegations of malpractice in the NEET UG result declared by the National Examinations Agency on June 4. At that time, a hearing was held in the Supreme Court in this matter. The Supreme Court in its order said that the examination of 1563 students will be conducted again on June 23 and the result will be declared on June 30.

Then how rank and marks are given in NEET exam. Let's find out what the formula is.

Why is there a controversy regarding NEET?

The NTA has also clarified that all the 67 candidates who secured the first rank in NEET are not toppers. All these candidates got 720 marks out of 720. 44 of them rose to the top only because they were given grace marks for answering the wrong question.

From 2019, NEET UG had no more than three toppers. There was only one topper in 2019 and 2020. There were three toppers in 2021, one in 2022 and two in 2023. This year for the first time 67 candidates have secured 100 percent marks simultaneously. Then there is a whole controversy about how this can be.

What is the Marks and Rank Formula in NEET?

In NEET exam if you write a question correctly it carries 4 marks whereas if you answer that question wrong then -1 is deducted, if you don't attempt that question it carries no marks. It has total 180 questions in which if all of them are correct then he gets 720 marks whereas if one of them is wrong he gets 716-1 i.e. 715 marks but if he does not answer any question then out of 180 he writes 179 questions then he gets 716 marks can Then the big question is how two students got 718 and 719 marks in this!

The NTA said in this matter that they have given grace marks to the students for wasting time in giving the paper. However this is not possible.

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