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Have you ever put ENO in the toilet seat? Know what happens after inserting ENO

We all mostly use expensive cleaner products to clean the bathroom, but did you know that you can clean toilet sheets with an item worth Rs 10.

Eno Hack : Most people buy ENO from a medical store and drink it mixed with water in case of upset stomach or gas. This solves the gas problem within seconds. But have you ever thought how much a Rs 10 ENO can make cleaning easier?

Put a packet of Eno in the toilet seat

We all buy expensive cleaning products from different companies to remove bathroom dirt. But even after this many times the dirt in the bathroom is not cleaned. Have you ever wondered what happens when you drop a packet of Eno in the toilet seat? Today we will tell you how to clean the toilet sheets present in your bathroom.

Use the ENO packet

Many times while cleaning the bathroom you suddenly run out of a powder or liquid for cleaning, in such a situation you can use the ino present in the medicine box to clean the dirt stuck on the toilet sheet in minutes. Apart from the toilet seat, you can also clean the floor, sink, etc. in the bathroom. Follow these steps to use it

If you have an expired ENO it can also be used. Apart from this if you have a usable ENO packet you can also use it.

  • Now tear the ENO packet and place it in the toilet sheet.
  • After this, take two mugs of water in a vessel and mix it with vinegar and baking soda.
  • After mixing all this, pour this water on the sheet and clean it with the help of a brush.
  • In no time you will see that the seat will be completely cleaned

Clean the basin like this

The basin in the bathroom gets quite dirty due to its daily use. In such case you can make it shiny by adding ENO. For this, tear the Eno packet and keep it in the middle of the basin and clean it by rubbing it with the help of a brush. Doing this process once a week will prevent dirt build-up in the basin.


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