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Guddu Bhaiya of 'Mirzapur 3' revealed WhatsApp number, gave this opportunity to fans

The makers of 'Mirzapur 3' are busy promoting their series. The stars working in it are also leaving no stone unturned to take this series to the masses. Now Guddu Bhaiyya (Ali Fazal) has revealed a WhatsApp number and asked fans to send messages on that number. Let's understand what the matter is.

From Kalin Bhaiyya to Guddu Bhaiyya and Golu Gupta, it's time to meet once again. The wait for 'Mirzapur 3' is going to end in a few days. The makers are releasing this much-awaited web series on OTT platform Prime Video on 5th July. Currently, all the stars are busy promoting this series. Meanwhile, a promotional video of Guddu Bhaiya i.e. Ali Fazal has come out. He has revealed a WhatsApp number.

Both in search of right hand

In the video that has surfaced, Golu Gupta (Shweta Tripathi) is also seen with Guddu Bhaiya. Both are looking for a right hand. “To retain power in Mirzapur, we need a loyal right-hand man,” says Ali Fazal. Shweta continues, “Will you join us? They are giving your WhatsApp number, message and let's talk.”

Here is the WhatsApp number

Prime Video shared this video on Instagram and wrote, “The right hand position of Guddu and Golu is vacant. WhatsApp 'Hi' to 9324965791 and know what you have. Now there is a flood of comments on this video. Fans are reacting differently to it.

Fans made such comments

One user wrote in the comment, “Make a right hand once, Guddu bhaiya, feel proud.” Another user wrote, “Bro please give us a chance. The power and throne of Mirzapur will be yours. You will have complete control over the whole of Mirzapur.” Another user wrote, "Give the compulsion a chance, then the fun will come."

Comments from fans

Munna Bhaiyya fans are also among those who commented. One of his fans wrote, "Sorry, I'm loyal to Munna Bhaiya." However, fans are very excited for this series. However, many people are a bit disappointed that this time Munna Bhaiyya will not be seen in the series.

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