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Gang war between inmates in Gurdaspur jail in Punjab, even the police who came to rescue were frustrated

In Punjab's Gurdaspur Central Jail, two groups of prisoners clashed with each other. A clash between a group of inmates led to a tense situation. The police force was called in to free the inmates who were fighting inside. The angry inmates attacked each other and also attacked the police force, in which four policemen were injured.

In Punjab's Gurdaspur Central Jail, two groups of inmates clashed with each other. Following a clash between two groups of inmates in the jail, the situation turned tense. Additional police force was called in to free the prisoners and calm the situation.

The inmates who were killing each other got angry and attacked the rescued police force. In which four policemen have been injured. The inmates fighting within had occupied the entire prison premises. In view of the tension, the police of five districts have been called to the scene. Apart from this, paramilitary forces have also been called.

Apart from a policeman posted as a security guard of the jail, the inmates injured Dhariwal police station SHO Mandeep Singh, SI Jagdeep Singh and a police photographer. Four injured policemen have been admitted to a local civil hospital for treatment.

At the time of writing, the atmosphere in the Central Jail is tense and police and paramilitary forces have been called in from five nearby districts to control the situation.

The IG was engaged in handling the situation in the Border Range Jail

Beds and other items have been set on fire by inmates in the jail. The uproar among the prisoners continues. The IG is leading the entire operation inside the Border Range Jail. They are accompanied by police and paramilitary personnel from five districts. Efforts are being made to calm the atmosphere in the jail, but amidst all this, the inmates present in the jail are continuously pelting stones at the police.

Clash between Gopa Gang and Hoshiarpuria Gang

According to the information about this incident, suddenly at 12 noon in Gurdaspur Central Jail, a dispute started between Gopa gangster and another prisoner of Pratap Singh Hoshiarpuria gang over some issue. The dispute between the two groups escalated to such an extent that the prisoners split into two groups and fought with each other. Seeing the altercation going on, the inmates of both the groups attacked the policemen when the policemen deployed for prison security went to pacify them. Somehow the policeman came out of there saving his life.

4 injured in prisoner attack

Seeing the commotion of the prisoners, other security personnel present in the jail also ran away. This information was immediately given to Dhariwal Police Station. As soon as the information was received, SHO Mandeep Singh and SI Jagdeep Singh of Dhariwal Police Station reached the Central Jail along with the police force. When the police from the police station went inside the jail, the inmates also attacked them, injuring SHO Mandeep Singh, SI Jagdeep Singh, a constable and a police photographer.

Paramilitary personnel were called

Seeing the situation becoming tense, senior police officials rushed to the spot and called in police force from other police stations. Apart from this, a paramilitary force was also deployed at the spot. Currently the situation is still tense. The IG is present inside the Border Range Jail to pacify the inmates. They are accompanied by police and paramilitary personnel.

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