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Fraud case registered against Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Rs 17 crore misappropriation case

A case has been registered against MS Dhoni. The case has been filed against him for defamation, filed by Mihir Diwakar and Soumya Das. Both of them are his former business partners. The hearing in this case is on January 18.
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A case has been registered against MS Dhoni. The case is for defamation against him, filed by his friend and former business partner Mihir Diwakar. Now the hearing of this case is on January 18. In fact, Dhoni sent the notice first, after which the dispute escalated and now the matter has reached the court.

Case filed against Dhoni

Mihir Diwakar and his wife Soumya Das have filed a defamation case against Dhoni. This is Mihir and Soumya's reaction to the action against Dhoni, which is related to the multi-crore deal fraud. It is being said that this entire case is connected with a malpractice of around 16 to 17 crore rupees.

Mihir Diwakar and Soumya Das filed the case

In the case filed by Mihir and Soumya, they have earlier sought a stay on Dhoni's case against them. Dhoni had in fact accused Mihir and Soumya of allegedly violating the agreement signed in 2017. Dhoni signed that contract with Arka Sports Management Company, which was owned by Mihir and Soumya.

Alleged fraud of Rs 16 to 17 crores

In the case filed by Dhoni, he alleged fraud of Rs 16 to 17 crores. Dhoni said that the agreement between them contained an agreement to set up a cricket academy, which was not completed.

Dhoni filed the case earlier

However, according to the information received, Dhoni had earlier sent a notice to Mihir and Soumya regarding this. But, not getting any response from him, Dhoni approached the court. Let us tell you that Dhoni and Mihir have been good friends for a long time. This friendship was born out of cricket. And this was the reason why they both decided to open a cricket academy together. An agreement was reached between the two to implement this. But, then the dispute between them escalated and the matter reached the court.

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