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Connect Instagram with Facebook page it's a simple process and earn double

If you also want to connect your Facebook page with Instagram, follow this process. After this, whatever you share on Instagram will be uploaded automatically. After this you will be able to collaborate with the brand and earn from it.

If you want to earn money from Instagram-Facebook, you need to connect Instagram and Facebook page. In fact, some affiliate agencies ask you to connect Facebook page with Instagram. In such a situation, you try hard but can't do it. But this is a simple process, here we will tell you that you can connect your Instagram with Facebook page in minutes.

If your page is a meta business, you must have a professional account on Instagram. Note that if you have a professional account, you must switch your account to a professional or business account. You will also get this opportunity through the linking process.

This is how to connect Facebook page to Instagram

  1. For this, first log into your Facebook, then switch to the page you want to connect to your Instagram account. From your page, click Manage.
  2. From the Business Dashboard left sidebar menu, click Linked Accounts. To connect an account, click on the Connect Account option. Enter your Instagram account username and password and select Log in.
  3. On the other hand, if you want to disconnect the Instagram account from your page, for this, click on Disconnect Account and click Yes, Disconnect to confirm.

    Benefits of Connecting Instagram to Facebook Page

    1. After connecting Instagram with Facebook page, you will get many benefits. In this you will not need to post separately on both platforms. You will be shared on both platforms simultaneously.
    2. Apart from this if you want to share Instagram ads or connect third party apps, you can easily do that.
    3. Messages and Instagram Direct Messages will be available from the inbox in Messenger or Meta Business Suite.

    Ways to earn from Instagram

    If we talk about the easy way to earn from Instagram, there is no easy way. Just as talent and creativity are important in every work, so is the case with Instagram. On this platform, you have to focus on the quality and quantity of your content to go viral.

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