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By wearing Rudraksha on Shivratri these wishes are fulfilled, read the significance of each Rudraksha

Mahashivratri is the main festival of Indians. Mahashivratri is celebrated on the fourteenth day of the Vad Paksha of the Maha month. It is believed that the auspicious marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati took place on this day. According to another belief, Lord Shiva performed Ananda Tandava (creation and destruction) on this night.

Giving more information about Shivratri being considered very holy and fruitful for wearing Rudraksha, well-known astrologer Chetan Patel said that according to Shivpuran, when asking the reason why Rudraksha has special importance in the worship of Lord Shiva, Lord Shivaji told Kartikeya that O Kartikeya! In the past there was a demon named Tripurasura. He conquered all the gods. So all the gods prayed to me to slay him so I contemplated the great weapon called Aghor, I kept my eyes closed during penance for a long time then when I assumed the form of Kalagni and opened my eyes tears fell from my eyes, from those teardrops Rudraksha. There were big trees, from my right sun-shaped eye, yellow colored rudrakshas, ​​from left moon-shaped eye, white colored rudrakshas, ​​and from the third fire-shaped rudrakshas, ​​blood and Krishna colored rudrakshas.

There are one to fourteen headed rudraksha. According to religious scriptures like Shivpurana Udrishatantra, Vayupurana etc. Puranas or Shastras, by wearing Rudraksha dear to Shiva, one's wishes are fulfilled according to the type of Rudraksha.

Rudraksha itself is the element of Shiva, without Rudraksha, Shiva's grace cannot be attained, Rudraksha protects against many dangers and welfare. Rudraksha trees are found naturally in the Himalayas of India and Nepal.

Lord Shiva himself also wears Rudraksha

Ek Mukhi – This rudraksha is considered to be the true form of Shiva This rudraksha is not worn by the common man only it is worshiped to get rid of great sins like brahmahatya These are very rare and are benefic in all ways

Two-faced Rudraksha – Worn around the neck, this Rudraksha is called Shiva Pavarti Swaroop or Gauri Shankar.

Three-faced Rudraksha – This Rudraksha is the form of true fire, liberates from the sin of female homicide, by wearing this Rudraksha refreshes the memory of students.

Four-faced rudraksha- This rudraksha is called Brahmaji Swarup, Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha achieves all four purusharthas, divine knowledge is attained, a person is empowered for excellent knowledge.

Panchmukhi Rudraksha – This rudraksha is in the form of Kalagni, the wearer is freed from many sins. Very impressive. Protects against many diseases with knowledge enhancer like respiratory disease and useful for heart disease.

Cha Mukhi Rudraksha – Wear on Right Hand This Rudraksha is known as Swayam Kartikeya, wearing this Rudraksha brings victory everywhere.

Saptmukhi Rudraksha – Wearing around the neck this Rudraksha is named Anang gives freedom from the foundation like theft. Removes poverty, lessens the effect of venom of poisonous animals on the victim, gives long life

Eight Mukhi Rudraksha – This is known as Ganesha Rudraksha worn in the period. By wearing this rudraksha, one gets special control over oneself, intelligence flourishes, obstacles are removed, adi vyadhi is destroyed, this rudraksha protects against paralysis, paralysis, or stiffening of the limbs.

Nav Mukhi Rudraksha – Worn on the left hand This Rudraksha is called Bhairava, when held on the left hand, it brings Bhakti – Mukti – Yoga and Moksha, cures blood disorders, bile diseases.

Dasmukhi Rudraksha – Wear around the neck This Rudraksha is considered to be a form of Vishnu, by wearing it, the fear of inauspicious planets, ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, vetals is removed, so all the planets remain calm with this Rudraksha.

Eleven-faced Rudraksha – This Rudraksha is considered to be the form of Rudra, by wearing it one gets the full fruit of performing many Yajnas. Victory in all works

Baramukhi Rudraksha – This Rudraksha is considered to be the form of the sun, there is no fear of violent animals, physical and mental pain is removed. Self strength increases a lot, resistance to disease increases. Yasavijaya is achieved

Teramukhi Rudraksha – This rudraksha is considered as the form of Vishwadeva By wearing this rudraksha one gets Lakshmi and Siddhi All Rasa Rasayana is attained All desires are fulfilled Increases brightness of eyes Protects against many diseases

Chaudamukhi Rudraksha – This rudraksha is considered to be the form of Hanuman, by wearing it one gets strength and fame, strength, intelligence and speed as well as freedom from unknowing sins and protection against ghosts and dangers.

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