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BJP gave ticket to Sandeshkhali victim Rekha Patra in Bengal, PM Modi spoke on phone and said 'Aap cho Shaktiswarupa'

BJP has released the list of 19 candidates from Bengal on Sunday. Of which the most shocking name, if any, is that of Rekha. This is the same Rekha Patra who raised her voice against Mamata Sarkar and Shah Jahan Sheikh regarding the atrocities on women in Sandeshkhali in Bengal. BJP has given him Lok Sabha ticket from Bashirhat.

It will not be surprising if some of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in Bengal will see a very interesting fight this time. BJP has announced the list of candidates for 19 seats in Bengal. Among which the most shocking name, if any, is that of Rekha Patra from Bashirhat Lok Sabha seat. Rekha Patra, the victim of Sandesh Khali, who raised her voice against Shahjahan Sheikh and Mamata government regarding atrocities on women in Sandesh Khali, has been given Lok Sabha ticket from Bashirhat by BJP.

BJP gave ticket to Sandeshkhali victim Rekha Patra from Bashirhat

After being declared a candidate from Bashirhat, Rekha Patra said, "Thank you very much to PM Narendra Modi who has made a village woman like me a candidate. I will always be ready to help the mothers and sisters of Sandeshkhali-Bashirhat district. Rekha Patra is one of the victims of Sandesh Khali. Rekha Patra, who was allegedly sexually harassed by TMC leader Shahjahan Sheikh, was among the foremost demonstrators in Sandesh Khil. It is also said that Rekha Patra was also part of the group who met PM Modi at his public meeting in Barasat on March 6 and briefed the PM about the plight of Sandeshkhali women.

PM Modi talked to Rekha Patra on phone, described her as Shaktisvarupa

PM Modi spoke to Rekha Patra on phone on Tuesday after receiving the ticket. During this conversation, PM Modi described Rekha Patra as Shaktiswarupa. Along with this, PM Modi also talked to him about the election preparations. Also talked about the support BJP gets among the people and other issues. The PM described him as Shakti Swarup. So Rekha Patra informed PM Modi about the problems faced by women in Sandeshkhali.

PM Modi said to Rekha Patra that you are going to pay a big responsibility

PM Modi asked him on the phone that you are going to pay a big responsibility, so how are you feeling at this time. In response to which Rekha Patra said that it feels very good. You have your hands on the heads of me and the people of Sandeshkhali. It seems Lord Ram is with us and his hands are on our head. Hearing this, PM Modi said that the hands of mothers and sisters are on my head. PM said I have received your message and I am trying my best to talk to BJP workers.

PM Modi told Rekha Patra that you are campaigning in the midst of opposite political conditions in Bengal. What was the atmosphere there when your name was announced? In response, Rekha Patra said that the incident that happened to us in Sandeshkhali is very unfortunate and we hope that the accused will be severely punished. This time when Sandesh Khali's mothers and sisters vote, they will get a lot of happiness.

BJP has so far announced a total of 39 candidates out of 42 Lok Sabha seats in Bengal. In the list released on March 2, BJP announced the names of 20 candidates. After which BJP has announced 19 more names in the list on March 24 on Sunday. In which 19 names have been announced, including former West Bengal judge Abhijit Gangopadhyay, Sandeshkhali victim Rekha Patra and former state president Dilip Ghosh.

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