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Before 2014, the country was on the path to poverty:

PM said at the Global Business Summit- This is India's time, exports increased and inflation came down

The policies that the country was following in the 10 years before 2014. He was really leading the country down the path of poverty. We presented a White Paper in Parliament on India's economic situation. It is also being discussed today.

This white paper which I have brought today, could have been brought in 2014. If I had the political will, I could have presented these figures to the country ten years ago. But, I was shocked by what happened in 2014. The economy was by all accounts in a very critical condition.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the Global Business Summit-2024 which started in Delhi on Friday. He said, 'There was already a lot of dismay among investors around the world over the scandal and the policy.

If even a single wrong signal had gone out, the confidence of the country would have been shattered. People believe that they are drowned and beyond saving. Politically, it was shooting me to bring things up. Do what politics says, but national policy does not allow me to do so.

5 highlights of PM's speech...

  • It's India's time: PM Modi said it's India's time. This is a time when exports are increasing. Inflation is under control and poverty is declining. Bank NPAs are at record lows and our critics are at an all time low. Never before has there been such positive sentiment in the world about India's potential.
  • Standing firm during the Corona crisis: The Corona pandemic and its aftermath became a major test for the entire world. Nobody knew how to deal with health and economy. I stood firm in front of the people in that hour of crisis. I gave priority to saving lives and said that if there is life, there is the world.
  • 10 crore fake beneficiaries removed: Our government has saved the country money by bringing transparency and technology in the system. During the Congress government, 10 crore names were exposed in fake beneficiary papers. Beneficiaries who were never born. We deleted 10 crore such names from the paper.
  • Industries established in the name of poverty alleviation: Seven decades ago, slogans of poverty alleviation were raised day and night. Amidst these slogans, poverty has not been eradicated. Governments of the time advocated poverty alleviation and made it necessary to build industry as it generated income. After 2014, when Garib's son became the Prime Minister, the industry run in the name of Garib came to a standstill. I come from a poor family so I know how to fight poverty.
  • New India will work at super speed: In our third term, the country will become the third largest economy. I want to tell you that there are big decisions to be made in the third term as well. I have been preparing for one and a half years for new plans to give India momentum. For this, suggestions have been taken from more than 15 lakh people. New India will work at super speed.
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