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Anti-social elements rampant in Himmatnagar! Texts drawn in support of Palestine and Gaza

In the Ambawadi railway under bridge in Himmatnagar city, anti-social elements have written slogans supporting Gaza and Palestine with black spray. The writing of this text in Under Bridge by unknown elements has been debated. There has also been a demand to increase patrolling by the police in the city and to make the presence of the police visible in the city.

In Himmatnagar city, the activities of anti-social elements are increasing day by day. Anti-social elements have painted graffiti in support of Gaza and Palestine on the walls of the Ambawadi underbridge, which is 100-150 meters away from the A Division police station in Himmatnagar city.

As soon as this text was seen in the eyes of people in the morning, now the matter has come up for discussion. There has been a demand to make police presence more active in urban areas. Along with this, there has been a demand to increase the presence of police on the roads where there is movement of anti-social elements.

Spray written text

The details have come to light that some unknown people have written this text on the walls of Ambawadi underbridge during the night. According to which, it has been revealed that this text has been painted by spraying black ink. LONG LIVE GAZA and LONG LIVE PALESTINE are depicted in black ink in English. There has been outrage among the locals for writing this type of text in the middle of a peaceful environment.

Following this type of painting, there has been outrage among the locals and there has been a demand for immediate action to remove it. At the same time, strict action has also been taken against those who defile government properties by writing such a text.

Previously wrote ugly text

Earlier, obscene words were written on the walls of the bridge. Many roads of the area pass through here for business and schools. At such a time there was outrage among the locals over the writing on the walls here in the under pass. However, he tried to quell the outrage by painting the obscene words white.

Now the anti-social elements have once again tried to disturb the peace by portraying the same to do such a despicable act. Due to this, there has been a demand to increase the light in the underpass and also to install CCTV cameras.

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