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An old video of Patidar reservation movement leader-MP Hardik Patel has gone viral, see what he said about Ram Mandir and Congress?

An old video of Viramgam BJP MLA and Patidar reservation movement leader Hardik Patel has gone viral. In a question from this viral video, Hardik is giving his opinion on the Congress's stance on the Ram Temple issue. This video dated 20 August 2022 is currently going viral. In Gujarat, Congress leaders are leaving the party one after another to join the BJP. At such a time, this viral video is considered very indicative.

An old video of Hardik Patel, the young leader who agitated for Patidar reservation in Gujarat and later joined the BJP after ditching the Congress to become an MLA from Viramgam in the 2022 elections, has gone viral. This video has been revealed to be dated 20 August 2022. However, in this viral video, Hardik Patel points a finger at the mistake of the Congress on the Ram Mandir issue.

Obviously, Hardik formally joined the BJP on 2 June 2022, ahead of the 2022 Gujarat assembly elections. In this video of an interview conducted by a private YouTube channel after joining the BJP, Hardik Patel points fingers at the Congress's blunder on the Ram Mandir issue. Today, the video of Hardik Patel that went viral is very indicative when one after another Congress leaders are abandoning the Congress flag and taking up the BJP's saffron.

What did Hardik Patel say?

In response to the question that what is the biggest flaw in the Congress, Hardik Patel says, “The flaw in the Congress is the flaw. I had said that the Congress should support the Ram temple issue. At that time the then state president of Madhya Pradesh sent a silver brick for the Ram temple. Sometimes no one says to send everything for Ram Mandir. But you can say that we agree for Ram Mandir”.

Hardik Patel further said, “When I resigned, I mentioned the Ram Mandir issue in the resignation letter. At that time journalists were also saying that this is the language of BJP. But three days later, the former state president of the Gujarat Congress made a statement that dogs were urinating on the bricks made for the Ram temple. This statement proves that the points mentioned in the letter I wrote while submitting my resignation have been confirmed by this statement”.

What did Hardik Patel say for Congress?

Hardik Patel, who resigned from Congress, wrote on 18 May 2022 in a 6-paragraph letter posted on the then Twitter and now X, be it the temple of Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya, the CAA-NRC issue, the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir or the implementation of GST. To be done, the country wanted a solution for a long time and the Congress party has only been acting as an obstacle.

Today, after the construction of the Ram temple and before the enshrinement of Ram Lalla in the Ram temple, the Congress has two divisions. Many leaders of Gujarat Congress are in favor of Ram Mandir despite being in Congress. While the national leaders of the Congress take the BJP and its sister organizations hand in hand over the Ram Temple issue. Many Congress leaders in Gujarat are favoring the Ram temple, considering Lord Ram as an object of faith. Some Congress leaders are publicly favoring the Ram temple issue and some privately.

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