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Amid Russia-Ukraine war, Foreign Minister of Ukraine on a two-day trip to India, know why this meeting is important?

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba is coming to India. This is his first visit to India. This is the first visit of the Foreign Minister of Ukraine to India in 7 years. Before the visit, Kuleba said that my visit will strengthen our relations. Kuleba's visit comes at a time when Ukraine has been at war with Russia for more than 2 years.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba is coming to India today Thursday. This is their first visit. His visit will come amid efforts to find a peaceful solution to the more than two-year-old Russia-Ukraine war. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) issued a statement on Wednesday stating that during his visit, External Affairs Minister S. Taking place on the invitation of Jaishankar.

Regarding his upcoming visit to India, Dmytro Kuleba said, This will be my first visit to India, today is the first visit of a foreign minister of Ukraine to India in 7 years. The purpose of this visit is to strengthen Ukraine-India relations. Ukraine sees India as an important global power with a powerful international voice, he said. We believe that closer cooperation will benefit both countries.

What did the Ministry of External Affairs of India say?

India's Ministry of External Affairs said that during the visit, Kuleba will participate in a number of programmes, including official meetings with the Foreign Minister and Deputy National Security Advisor, to discuss matters related to bilateral partnership and cooperation on regional and global issues of mutual interest. Accordingly, he is also expected to interact with the business community.

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine posted a video on March 25 on X saying that he would be visiting India for the first time. He also said in the video that my visit will strengthen our relationship. Describing Ukraine and India as two big democracies, Kuleba said, I am confident that we are ready to be good partners and friends.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held separate talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on March 20. He said that dialogue and diplomacy are the only way forward to resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict. PM Modi spoke on the phone to congratulate Putin on his fifth victory in the recent elections. After this he called Zelensky and informed about India's continued support for all efforts for peace and an early solution.

India is not in favor of war

Ukraine this time knows that India is not on the side of war. India has remained neutral in the war between Russia and Ukraine. After this entire war, India's relations with Russia and Ukraine were as strong as ever. Ukraine knows that India can play a big role in stopping the war. Ukrainian President Zelensky has also demanded India to play the role of a peacemaker.

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