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Ambalal Patel's big prediction regarding rain in the state, Rohini Nakshatra is likely to rain on June 6- Video

Meteorologist Ambalal Patel has predicted the state's weather. As per Ambalal forecast, Rohini Nakshatra rain is likely to occur in the state on 6th June. Thunderstorm is likely over North, Central Gujarat and Saurashtra.

Regarding the state's weather and rain forecast, meteorologist Ambalal Patel has predicted that the state is likely to receive Rohini Nakshatra rain on June 6. Thunderstorm is likely over North Central Gujarat and Saurashtra. Winds can blow at a speed of 40 kmph in the state. On June 4, there will be a change in the atmosphere of Kutch district. Thunderstorm and scattered showers are likely in North Gujarat. Thunderstorm and scattered rain showers are likely in South Gujarat.

Talking about Saurashtra, according to the forecast of Ambalal Patel, there is a possibility of rain in coastal areas. A low pressure will develop over the Arabian Sea from June 10 to 12 and heavy rainfall may occur in various parts of south-central Gujarat till June 12.

On the other hand, according to the forecast of the meteorological department, there was a shower of rain in the rural area of ​​Savarkundla of Amreli today. Rain has fallen in villages of Khambha and Chalala division near Savarkundla. Rain showers fell in villages including Anida and Dhargani of Khambha. While there has been rain in the villages of Vavadi, Garamli, Karen near Chalala.

If we talk about the south, there was a sudden change in the atmosphere of Saputara and rains arrived amidst cloudy rains after heavy blizzard. Paragliding and boating activities were stopped due to rain. However, there was a slight coolness in the atmosphere amid the intense heat.

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